Give it a chew

It’s all very well for us to worry about if we are eating the right things   But what if we are failing to digest and absorb the good things that we are eating??   There are certain things you need to be doing to help make sure that’s not the case….   So next…

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Relive the Good Old Days

It’s exactly 48 years ago today that England won the world cup   48 years!   Nearly half a century since the country that invented the bloody game won its greatest prize.   I know this is gonna seem unnecessarily negative, but I’m starting to seriously doubt whether I’ll see us win it in my…

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healthy recipes

Endless Healthy Recipes

When someone joins my inner circle,   not only do they get a completely personalised nutrition plan that will help them achieve their goals…   (and the vitamin D test kits that I mentioned yesterday)   But they also get a free copy of an insanely good recipe book.   Now this isn’t some usual…

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Vitamin D Testing

Vitamin D Testing

The world largest solar power plant is currently being built in the middle of the Mojave desert in California   And its HUGE.   Once complete, it will have cost $2.2bn, will cover 3,500 acres, and will contain hundreds of thousands of computer controlled mirrors that track the sun throughout the day to generate power.…

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He’s on 3 a day!

I was in the gym changing room the other day   Having just finished my workout   When I overheard a couple of young lads in there….   (saying “young lads” makes me sound so bloody old doesn’t it!?…but these ‘lads’ I suppose were about 17-18)   Lad 1 – “You having another one?!”  …

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Its a Cracker!

Today, July 24th is, for some reason…   “Tell an Old Joke Day”   So getting into the spirit of things….   “I might be a nutritionist, but did you know my family are in the iron and steel businesses? My mum irons and my dad steals!”   Or…   “Knock Knock”   “Who’s there?”…

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Happiness Challenge

Have you seen any of this “Happiness Challenge” going round on the old Facebook lately?   You get nominated to be part of it and then have to, for 5 days in a row, name 3 things that you are grateful for in life   I used to turn my nose up at this kinda…

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Carbs before Marbs?

Someone (not an inner circle member) was telling me about their dinner yesterday   Which all sounded pretty good   But then he said “Oh, but I had rice with it, you probably don’t agree with that do you?”   When I asked why he said…   “cos it’s got carbs in it”   Now…

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Improve the Taste of Vegetables

Do you struggle to eat enough vegetables?   If so, I’ve got some GREAT tips for you today on how to make your veg more appealing   I often come across people who say they don’t eat veg “cos they don’t like it”   Which….can’t be true   A carrot tastes very different to broccoli…

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She doesn’t need me (apparently)

One of my inner circle was telling me an interesting story last night   She had been raving about her success from working with me with a couple of her friends   When one of the friends   (the most overweight one I might add)   said “I don’t need  Greg to tell me I…

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