Just ‘getting on’ with IBD?

Something I’ve noticed about Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis sufferers   Is that even though they know deep down they are suffering and they know they aren’t healthy   They have actually come to ‘accept’ their condition.   << they have learnt to ‘just get on with things’   While that’s REALLY admirable to some extent…

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so what

You have IBD? So what?

Yes, I realise that’s a bit of a controversial, provocative  subject line.   But I promise that it is not my intention to provoke anything other than a little thought   (and perhaps action)   You see, the fact is that to be able to put any chronic disease or illness into long term remission,…

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Sad Fruit

6 Reasons Diet didn’t help your IBD

“Oh, diet doesn’t work for me”   is a common saying I hear from people with IBD.   For me, diet is HUGELY important and a critical to get right when helping people into long term remission.   However, these people are right.  Quite often diet alone doesn’t work.  Here’s 6 reasons why…   1.…

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Ikaria and beating IBD

Donna (my wife) and I went to watch Lee Evans at the O2 last week.   I’m not his biggest fan…but it was a GREAT show.   Very funny indeed.   It’s so good to get out and laugh and have a good time.   << a lot of people don’t do it enough.  …

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IBD and Grandparents

The missus and I went up to the Tower of London earlier this week to see the poppy’s they are ‘planting’ in memory of those who died in the first world war.   It was quite an impressive sight I must admit.   My granddad fought in the war (second not the first!), and is…

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Ulcerative Colitis Diet and Personalisation

I found out a pretty interesting fact the other day about someone I have known for years   Something that she had never mentioned before   And something which…well…BLEW my mind   You see, it turns out that this person has her heart on the wrong side of her body   Did you even know…

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40 Ways to Improve your Life

In every life we have some trouble   When you worry you’ll make it double   Don’t worry   Be happy   (if you have no idea what song that is, that’s probably a very weird start to an email!)   Anyway, here’s 40 of my best tips on how to make life instantly happier….…

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Destroying Healthy Eating Myths

It’s time to clear up some myths….   “Eating Healthy is Boring” Ironically I hear this from the type of people who love to starve themselves from week to week in order to lose weight.   The type of people who go on low fat diets.   or drink meal replacements such as Herbalife.  …

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scrambled eggs

My Jedi Scrambled Eggs

Now no one likes a big head.   but there IS something you should know about me…..   I’m a completely and utter master at cooking scrambled egg   Like elite level…Jedi level.   So I thought it was only fair of me to share some of my secrets with you lesser mortals….   Firstly…

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gary oldman

Am I a Pimp?

I watched ‘True Romance’ last night   You know the film with Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette??   Now that, my friend, is a f****n GREAT film!   Lots of incredible performances in it, from loads of great actors…   Dennis Hopper Brad Pitt Quentin Tarantino Christopher Walken Samuel L Jackson   And of course,…

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