40 Ways to Improve your Life

In every life we have some trouble   When you worry you’ll make it double   Don’t worry   Be happy   (if you have no idea what song that is, that’s probably a very weird start to an email!)   Anyway, here’s 40 of my best tips on how to make life instantly happier….…

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Destroying Healthy Eating Myths

It’s time to clear up some myths….   “Eating Healthy is Boring” Ironically I hear this from the type of people who love to starve themselves from week to week in order to lose weight.   The type of people who go on low fat diets.   or drink meal replacements such as Herbalife.  …

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scrambled eggs

My Jedi Scrambled Eggs

Now no one likes a big head.   but there IS something you should know about me…..   I’m a completely and utter master at cooking scrambled egg   Like elite level…Jedi level.   So I thought it was only fair of me to share some of my secrets with you lesser mortals….   Firstly…

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gary oldman

Am I a Pimp?

I watched ‘True Romance’ last night   You know the film with Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette??   Now that, my friend, is a f****n GREAT film!   Lots of incredible performances in it, from loads of great actors…   Dennis Hopper Brad Pitt Quentin Tarantino Christopher Walken Samuel L Jackson   And of course,…

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protein smoothie

More Healthy Alternatives

So yesterday I shared a few pretty special alternatives   for some of the less “healthy” foods that you love   And today there’s more of the same   Homemade Ice Cream instead of Shop Bought Ice Cream You’re best off with an ice cream maker if you are gonna do this   (mine cost…

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dark chocolate

Healthy Food Alternatives

I’ve seen it a million times   And you have probably been guilty of it yourself at some point   Starting on a new healthy eating regime   and for the first couple of weeks you smash it   You eat well….and you start to notice results   You are PUMPED!   But then something…

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Biggest Day of the Year

Today’s date (3rd Sept) is one of the most important in history   No, not because its exactly 75 years ago since Britain declared war on Germany   But because September 3rd 1980 was the day I was born.   I share my birthday with a number of “A list” celebrities…   The presenter, Steve…

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girl sitting

Are you Sitting too Much?

I’ve been searching for an adjustable desk over the last couple of days   One that will let me sit down at it when I want to   But also one that I can adjust so I can work standing up when I want to   The main problem I’m finding so far though is…

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grandfather sleeping

20 Ways to Sleep Better

Before I started my journey to better health   I used to sleep like shit   I’d get to sleep ok (normally)   But wake up during the night at least once   normally around 2am…needing a wee   (sound familiar?)   When morning came and that ******* alarm went off   I would have…

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What are your ‘Mental Barriers’?

Have you got any mental barriers in your life?   Things that are stopping you from having the body and the life you want?   Things that are stopping you from being as healthy as you can be   Or enjoying your food as much as you could?   I’m seeing it loads lately  …

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