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How should you be eating?

How do you eat your food? I often talk about the foods you should and shouldn’t be eating, but another very important thing to consider is how you eat that food. You must be as kind on your digestive system as possible, and this short video I’ve recorded talks you through how to do that……

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Why you shouldn’t get run over in China

Did you read that story about getting run over in China the other day? Basically, if you get run over by a car when in China, then you probably want to get away from the scene as soon as possible, no matter how injured you are! You see, there’s some strange rules in the country…

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Is he the greatest?

On this day, exactly 15 years ago, history was made. 23rd September 2000 was when Steve Redgrave entered Olympic history by winning his fifth consecutive gold medal at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. He is the only person to have won gold medals at five Olympic Games in an endurance sport Straight afterward the…

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IBD Puzzle

The Puzzle of IBD

Have you ever collected something? Perhaps when you were a kid? In my life I’ve collected 3 things… Jigsaw puzzles. Badges And Garbage Pail Kids stickers (remember those??)… here’s the picture of ‘Greaser Greg’ from the Garbage Pail Kids (pretty cool Mofo…as you might expect from someone with that name!) While someone as clearly…

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blonde sleeping

Improve your Sleep with Gratitude

Do you ever struggle to fall asleep at night? Or find yourself waking in the night? Quite often that can be because you have things playing on your mind and a great way to address that is adopting an attitude of gratitude before you drop off. Have a watch of the video where I explain…

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Thai Food

Why I’ll NEVER go to Thailand again

It was my birthday last week (I assume the present has been lost in the post??) I went out for a LOVELY meal in the evening at a new Thai restaurant The food was amaze balls (that’s what we say in Essex…apparently) I had a Lamb Shank Massaman curry for the main INCREDIBLE I’m a…

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Blood Sugar and Sleep with IBD

If you find you are waking up during the night (even if just to go to a wee) then this video reveals one great tip on how you can help to prevent that from happening Lack of sleep is hugely linked with flares in people with IBD, so getting this sorted is massively important. Give…

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getting a closer look

IBD Related Testing Options

Have you tried any testing to help with your IBD? While diet and lifestyle changes can help to dramatically improve your health, it can sometimes be useful to dig a little deeper to better understand what’s going on in the body There are a range of really advanced functional lab tests available that help us to…

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blue blocker glasses

Blue Blocking Glasses and Sleep

I’ve recorded a short video explaining the importance of sleep when suffering with IBD, and how to help improve your sleep through electronics and blue blocking glasses. Check out the video below!

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Can you believe this number??

This is coming straight from the top… You want practical PROOF that things like Weight Watchers don’t work, long term, for almost EVERYBODY? I recently found out that the former Finance Director of the company, Richard Samber, said the following when asked why his company done so well…. “It’s successful because the 84% [who can’t…

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