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Blue Blocking Glasses and Sleep

I’ve recorded a short video explaining the importance of sleep when suffering with IBD, and how to help improve your sleep through electronics and blue blocking glasses. Check out the video below!

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Can you believe this number??

This is coming straight from the top… You want practical PROOF that things like Weight Watchers don’t work, long term, for almost EVERYBODY? I recently found out that the former Finance Director of the company, Richard Samber, said the following when asked why his company done so well…. “It’s successful because the 84% [who can’t…

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Should YOU supplement with Vitamin D?

There was an article ( ) on the BBC website last week that suggested that EVERYONE needs to supplement with Vitamin D for optimal health Apparently this is something that has been proposed by a group of ‘government experts’. Now, I completely agree that making sure your vitamin D levels are optimal is extremely…

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7 Tips for a Healthy Holiday when living with IBD

Are you going on holiday soon? If so, obviously it should be a thing to look forward to. A chance to enjoy yourself, relax and come back feeling fresher than ever But if you have IBD, that’s not always the case When you go on holiday, the quality of the food especially is not always…

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Comfortable Enough to Stay on Track?

How comfortable and confident do you feel in yourself? The importance of this should not be underestimated when turning your health around. You see, when you start to lead a healthy lifestyle, there WILL (yes, it’s pretty much guaranteed) be things that will try to throw you off track Quite often these “things” are people/friends/family/colleagues…

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Brushing teeth and IBD

Think back to yesterday, and the day before and the day before I guess you probably did all of the following…. Had a shower (or bath) Brushed your teeth Got dressed for work Sprayed some deodorant on And so on… <<< all daily habits All daily commitments that you pretty much never fail to do…

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I got trolled (again)

It happened again…kinda I told you a while ago how someone felt the need to write to me and call me a “f***ing doofus” after I’d written a perfectly helpful article that they, for some reason, found offensive (I think it was an article about man boobs and I suspect it may have touched a…

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Have you stopped asking why too early?

Most people who read these emails are completely appreciative of the natural holistic approach that MUST (yes, must) be taken if you are to feel as good as you possibly can (for the long term) when living with IBD And I think most people appreciate that we need to ask WHY you have your problems…

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Are you self-sabotaging

It happened again didn’t it?…   You promised yourself that you were going to start living and eating and much healthier lifestyle   This was it!   The one time you were going to take action and turn things around once and for all   But then…before you knew it…you were knee deep in battered…

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The Lakeside Scandal

You know when you see a really hot girl with a not-so good looking guy?   (or vice versa)   and think….how on earth has that happened?!   He/she MUST be rich, right???   But you know what…   rarely are they rich   (they often certainly don’t dress like they are anyway)   There’s…

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