What are the Side Effects of Creatine?

Creatine is used by thousands of people across the world – including elite sportspeople – and I often recommend that many of my inner circle clients supplement with it. However, each and every one of them will have likely asked themselves, at least once “what are the side effects of creatine?” I understand that it…

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Bouncing Breakfast

I’m often telling people how they can make amazing changes to their body simply by improving their breakfast and having something better than cereal every morning A bowl of sugary carbs (cereal) is not a great way to start the day If you want to build muscle, burn fat or even if you just want…

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Bloating Foods

Identifying the Cause of your Bloating

At Christmas this year I ate quite a lot of things I wouldn’t normally eat. I’m sure many of you did. But when I pig out. I really go for it. I enjoy the food I eat normally. Love it in fact. But when I let myself go into freefall, well it really goes off.…

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Sports Relief

Mr Nice Guy’s Big Red Nose

(Read to the very end of this article to see what a nice guy I really am) Something that really fucks me off is when someone asks for my help Taking up my time to find out how to eat right and get a better body And then, after you tell them they can’t eat…

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you are what you eat

Awesome Quote

Shortest post ever today. Just sharing a quote that I LOVE. I dont normally bother with motiovational quotes and all that lark, But this one got me. Here it goes…. “You are what you eat. So don’t be fast, cheap, easy, or fake”. Follow that when making your food choices, and you won’t go far…

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Hunter asleep

Things you’ll actually do to Sleep Better

To be honest, the first part of this article, I’m telling you something many of you probably already know But I‘m gonna say it anyway…. Sleep is massively important to health. Shocked? No, thought not. It affects fat loss, muscle gain, our hormones, our metabolism and our overall health. Quality sleep helps our bodies to…

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Healthy Pancake 1

Healthy Pancake Recipes

Yep, I know it’s not pancake day yet and I’m just under a week early with this But figured there would be no point in sharing this awesome healthy pancake recipe with you on pancake day itself Cos you might not have the ingredients you need by that point (always thinking of you arent I?)…

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lottery balls

Winning the Lottery

I was talking with a mate the other day about what it would be like if we won the Euromillions lottery. What we might spend the money on, etc. The usual shit was obviously mentioned. Things like holidays, cars, and houses. A long lad’s trip to Las Vegas sounded particularly good (I fukin love that…

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litter advert

If not for you, then who?

In the 1980’s a TV campaign was run throughout America to try and prevent people from dropping their litter. It showed a Native American shedding a tear over a littered highway and was a huge success in almost all of the states… …except Texas. Why? Well it was found that the people responsible for the…

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Can of Coke

9 Scary Facts about Coca Cola

Coke is bad for you. That’s no secret. It contains shit loads of sugar, and a whole host of other ingredients that really are no good for you or your body. In fact, for some people, if the only change they made to their diet was to remove coke, and any other fizzy drinks, and…

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