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Healing a Leaky Gut

So last week I spoke about “Leaky Gut”…   (it’s here if you missed it)   and how it’s almost certain you have one if you have IBD   (unless you are in drug free remission)   Today I want to share with you some tips on healing a leaky gut.   Now there are…

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Leaky Gut and IBD

Have you heard of “leaky gut”?   It’s also known as ‘intestinal permeability’ and is very heavily linked with autoimmune conditions such as Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis   The small intestine both helps to absorb nutrients from the foods we eat, as well as acting as a barrier against excessive absorption of things such as…

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Reduce your stress and make today brilliant!

Do you know what the ‘trigger’ was for your IBD?   Recently, when I asked my FB followers to tell me what they thought was the ‘triggering’ event for their UC or Crohn’s, I got a variety of responses, with some common themes…   There was divorce, moving house, food poisoning, infections and exams all…

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4 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Beat IBD

Barely a day goes by where someone doesn’t feel the need to contact me and tell me that nothing can be done about how they feel as they have tried everything.   They have IBD and as far as they are concerned that is that.   If that’s what they want to believe then I…

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Is your stomach acid too low?!

It shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did…   It’s not the first time someone has said it and unfortunately it won’t be the last.   I was midway through a consult with somebody and she interrupted me and said “I’m sorry, I’m going to have to disagree with you there.  In fact…

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Will you Pass IBD on to your Children?

Many of my clients often ask about how their health (and the fact they have IBD) may impact the health of their children, especially when they are thinking about getting pregnant.   It’s a very valid question and the concern is completely understandable.   It’s not easy to find statistics on this but general consensus…

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Should you be gluten free if suffering with IBD?

I’ll always remember the first time I got ‘trolled’…   It was nothing major.  I’d written an innocent, helpful article on Moobs (man boobs), why you get them and how to lose them.  However, for some reason, a guy (who I suspect may have been carrying around a set of moobs himself) decided to send…

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What NOT to do for your Fatigue

I went on a stag do recently and had a great time.   (I’d be lying if I said I was as healthy as I could be for those few days but that’s not the purpose of this email!)   There are numerous stories I could share…but most I won’t / can’t…but one thing I…

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Do you need to take this approach?

Do you know what “functional medicine” means?   I often talk about how I take a ‘functional medicine’ type approach when working with people who suffer with IBD   I’m a qualified nutritionist but soon realised that to be able to help people who suffer with such serious conditions as Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis, then…

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Water and IBD

p.s. For a free copy of my book that reveals 10 reasons people suffer with fatigue when they have Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis, click here

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