The Inbetweeners Nutrition

I went to see The Inbetweeners 2 at the weekend   Hilarious!   You seen it yet?   If not, do it!   I was crying with laughter at some bits…   Will playing the guitar   Simon quenching his thirst with help from Neil…   And of course, the pool scene  (you’ll know what…

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sat nav

Lost without a Sat Nav

When I went to that wedding I was telling you about the other day   (which was an AWESOME do BTW)   The journey there and back was a f**** nightmare   It should have taken less than an hour but turned out to be well over 2 hour cos the M25 was shut  …

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Taking the Plunge

Just an awesome little video for you today…   Watch it and listen to everything this little girl says as she stands at the top of that ski run     Listen to everything going through her head   How she talks herself into and out of it…   Contrast that against what she is…

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I used to wear makeup…

A little while ago I started to get some rashes on my face   Only small ones   In specific places,   Fairly minor   But they still pissed me off   They would come and go   Come and go   And there seemed to be no real reason for them whatsoever   The…

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Am I weird?

Do you think I’m weird?   Not necessarily just whether I’m a generally weird human being   But more a bit of a weird “nutritionist”   (if that’s what you wanna label me as)   Recently I’ve been comparing myself to my ‘competitors’   Checking out what they are offering, etc   And In a…

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Fat Loss Tips from the Daily Mail

A mate of mine was telling me about an episode of Seinfeld the other day   (which I never got into but this episode sounded pretty funny)   Apparently the main character did everything in opposites..   So when he saw some good looking lady, rather than walking up to her and lying to her…

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15 Ways to Grow

In my ‘Are you insane?’ post last week   I talked about constantly adapting   Constantly changing   Every day…doing something to improve yourself   Well today, I’m gonna show you 15 ways in which you can start to make that happen…   Take up a new hobby.  You’ll meet new people, learn new skills,…

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What’s your “anti-charity”?

This email could seems like I’m just trying to get you to spend money   Which I promise is not the case   (I have nothing to sell at the moment)   I wanna tell you about something interesting I discovered from reading one of the Tim Ferriss books   (you read any of those??)…

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nutrition advice

How’s it working out for you?

Something I’ve noticed over recent years   As I’ve learnt more   As I’ve become better at my job   As I work with more people   As I get better and better results with everyone I work with   Is that even more people feel like they somehow have a right to give me…

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Happy in their Misery?

I’ve been noticing something that I’m finding really hard to explain   Maybe you can help me?   It’s the immense pain…   pain above any other…   That people believe they will experience if they eat healthy   Now sure, I get that some people might think it’s boring, they would struggle with willpower,…

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