Get the right man for the job

When I was young my football team was coached for many years Steve Tilson   (ex Southend United player and manager)   Steve was a top bloke and I learnt a HUGE amount from him on how to play the beautiful game   (which sometimes wasn’t all that beautiful if I’m honest but Steve did…

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Get some Headspace

Potentially the most beneficial email I will ever send…   IF you take action on it   (there’s also a chance to get on TV!)   One of my goals at the start of this year was to meditate 4 times per week   And well….up until recently   I failed   Miserably   I…

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Don’t be Zeigarniked

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the waitress, when taking your order doesn’t write anything down?   She just remembers it all in her head.   I’m always thinking “no way is she remembering this”   But she always gets it right.   When I was on holiday in the U.S a while…

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mojito mocktail

My Healthy Mojito Recipe

It would seem that I do have something in common with Tom Cruise after all…   At the weekend I knocked up a bit of a special drink   A nice little cocktail   (Actually…a mocktail to be precise…this IS a health related email after all)   And it was a little bit special if…

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Dont Sweat the Small Stuff

You heard about these foods actually have “negative calories”?   Where it actually takes your body more energy to digest it than it gives u in the first place   (I think celery is one of those ain’t it??)   Or the one about how you should have freezing cold showers in the morning if…

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No food or water….pretty much all day   That’s what Muslims across the world are going through right now as part of Ramadan   In the UK, that pretty much means nothing to eat or drink…   from around 4am to 7.30pm every day   I could NOT do that…   I get thirsty after…

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The ‘Get Your Priorities Straight’ Rhyme

I’ve decide to make this post rhyme, And also fairly brief, Which if you’re eager to get on with your day, I know will be of huge relief   The Western diet is full of foods Where the ingredients are not the best Toxins, chemicals, anti-nutrients, That our bodies struggle to digest,   The lack of…

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Jo Side 1

More Client Results

Some more client results today….   This time from Jo, who has done an INCREDIBLE job of changing her body and health in a very short amount of time   Jo has transformed her body by focusing on eating the right foods   And exercising in the right way  She has a fantastic attitude and…

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Why I love teabagging

Are you drinking too many calories?   For a lot of people, if they changed nothing about their diet other than the fact they drink so much crap, they would notice MASSIVE difference to their bodies   I’m not just talking about booze here…   Things such as a can of coke, or a glass…

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Stuck in a Vagina

WARNING….this post contains what are possibly some of my funniest lines ever…and yes, that’s saying something….   Did you see about the guy that got stuck in a vagina??   (how many nutritionist’s articles start off with that line?!)   There was an article on the BBC website last week with this headline…   “Man gets…

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