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More Client Results

Some more client results today….   This time from Jo, who has done an INCREDIBLE job of changing her body and health in a very short amount of time   Jo has transformed her body by focusing on eating the right foods   And exercising in the right way  She has a fantastic attitude and…

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Why I love teabagging

Are you drinking too many calories?   For a lot of people, if they changed nothing about their diet other than the fact they drink so much crap, they would notice MASSIVE difference to their bodies   I’m not just talking about booze here…   Things such as a can of coke, or a glass…

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Stuck in a Vagina

WARNING….this post contains what are possibly some of my funniest lines ever…and yes, that’s saying something….   Did you see about the guy that got stuck in a vagina??   (how many nutritionist’s articles start off with that line?!)   There was an article on the BBC website last week with this headline…   “Man gets…

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mindful eating baby

Are you Mindful Eating??

I was on holiday recently in Thailand   Which was pretty awesome   Beautiful place   Awesome food   Amazing weather   (though VERY humid…I was a sweaty mess for most of the week!)   It’s so nice getting away from it all   Relaxing and clearing the mind   Going out for delicious meals…

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The Goalvernator

I recently read the Arnold Schwarzenegger autobiography “Total Recall”   Which was an AWESOME book   I aint normally a fan of autobiographies really   Especially the ones from these fukin Z list celebs who are barely out of school and dont have jack shit to talk about   But Arnie is a different kettle…

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perfect diet

Are You Perfect?

Its sometimes easy to think   that when you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle   Eating the rights foods   etc etc   That you have to be perfect   That you have to do EVERYTHING bang on   Now in an ideal world that would happen   But the reality can be…

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Act Like a Vegetarian

Dont worry, Ive not gone crazy and given up the meat   That is one thing I can GUARANTEE will never happen   (I’d go as far to say that is the ONE thing I couldn’t give up…chocolate, alcohol, TV, the gym….I could give them all up before I give up meat)   U the…

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Lessons from my Dodgy Shoulder

I’ve been injured for over a year now (I believe the technical term for my problem is ’fu**ed shoulder’) I’ve seen countless physios Had injections Loads of massage (without the happy ending) And recently been having pins stuck in me and then connected up to some electronic thing which sends pulses through my arm But…

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What are your Obstacles?

Always something ain’t there?   Always something that comes up that stops you from staying on track with a healthy lifestyle   Or that throws you off your diet?   It’s gonna be different for everyone….   Maybe it’s just the fact you have to travel with work so often?   Or a family birthday…

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The Lakeside Shopping Centre Scandal

You know when you see a really hot girl with a not-so good looking bloke?   (or vice versa)   and think….how the fcuk has that happened?!   He/she MUST be rich, right???   But you know what??..   Rarely are they rich   (they often certainly don’t dress like they are anyway)   You…

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